We are so excited to be launching our new business ‘ToolKids’ and to get back to what we love doing best- working hands on with families/carers and those who have young children with autism in their lives.

Setting up a business wasn’t as easy as we first thought; we had the idea and passion- great, but then we had to learn how to make it into an actual business! The hardest thing was choosing a name- that took weeks but we finally came back to our first idea as our business is based on giving you a toolbox of strategies to use with children with autism.

Our colour scheme on the other hand was a whole lot easier, charcoal and yellow- it’s a combination we both love (and we are not the only ones, going on the cups and saucers at the local cafe). Yellow also happens to be the colour of warmth, optimism, creativity and courage- qualities that go a long way in supporting children with autism- hope you like it!

We have had so much support from family and friends, as well as experts in their field to guide us along the way. We would like to say a massive thank you to our amazing illustrator and good friend Charlotte Hanlon (www.charlottehanlon.com) for helping us to create the perfect illustrations for our branding and website. Also, we could not have done it without the patience and support of our incredible graphic designer and good friend Judy Ingram from ADDCREATIVE who has created the ToolKids branding and design- to both of you, we couldn’t be more grateful.

ToolKids offer a very personal approach to empowering others and we cannot wait to get started. We have already booked in our first workshops for early March, offering an introductory rate- check here for more information.

Now… time for another coffee!