‘Understanding Autism’ Workshop

Thursday 15th March 2018 6:30pm-9pm at Darlinghurst Community Space, Sydney

We are excited to offer our first workshop to deepen your understanding of autism and because we are so excited, we will be offering it at an introductory half price rate of only $25pp!! We will be covering a range of topics over the year, designed to empower you through practical and accessible hands-on workshops. This is the first workshop in a series of four; the other workshops include ‘Autism: Communication Made Visual’, ‘Creating an Autism-friendly Environment’ and ‘Autism: Analysing and Managing Behaviour’. Keep an eye on our calendar for dates, times and locations.

Have you ever wondered why your child does something? Find it difficult to understand the reason why they may behave differently to other children around them? Children with autism can sometimes be difficult to understand for those who are not on the spectrum. Behaviours can be a signal- the child is telling us something, but what?

If this rings bells with you then this workshop is a perfect introduction into how children with autism experience the world differently and why that is the case. Our workshops are designed as small groups, to focus on making the content more individualised and giving opportunities for group sharing.

We’ll use evidenced-based practice which has proven to make the difference, so, whether you are raising or know a young child with autism, or are simply interested to learn- this workshop is for you! The two and a half hours will fly by and you will leave us with a theoretical and practical understanding of the whys of autism.

Get in touch today to book your place and don’t forget to tell everyone you know so that they too can help to make our community more autism-wise!

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